Friday, 6 January 2012

Bouncing Shrimp

Bouncing Shrimp
This is a pattern inspired by the bouncer flies pattern...

Hook - Orvis Saltwater hook 9034 size 4
Weight - 3 pcs of chain bead
Eye - Burned mono eye
Antenna - Turkey Wing fiber
Mouth part - Flashabou and Pink Calf body hair
Dubbing - Wapsi Life Cycle Sulph. Orange
Head and body - Angle hair
Legs - Rubber legs

Step by step tying instruction:

Slightly bend the hook and prepare a thread body

 Tie in the weight

Tie in the mono eye

Tie in the Calf body hair and Flashabou

Tie in the Antenna

Tie in the 1st pair of rubber legs, apply dubbing to cover

Tie in the pincher

Dub the belly and tie in the other 2 pair of rubber legs

Tie in the Angle hair as head

Put in some dub and fold over the hair, tie down

 Tie down the weight's mono line

 Tie in another pcs of hair for the body

Fold it back and whip finish, trim the hair as tail

The bouncing Shrimp is complete

Top View

Bottom View

Cheer... happy tying

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