Thursday, 1 December 2011

Foamular of Jungle Ants

Foam Jungle Ants


Hook - Gamakatsu B10S size 8-10
Abdomen and body - 3mm thk close cell foam
Antenna - Brush fiber ( black )
Eye - Small drop of black Loon Hard Head
Leg - Rubber legs

Step by step tying instructions:

Prepare the hook 

Tie in the 3mm thks close cell foam

Fold over the foam and tie down at about half of the hook

Tie down the thorax

Cut the foam and trim the head

Cut out the mouth part

Use needle to pull over the fiber as antenna

Drop some super glue to secure the antenna

Trim the fiber and fold the to form the antenna

Pull over the rubber legs at the thorax area

Apply some Flexament to the leg ( the chemical reaction will bend the rubber legs )
Drop the hard head as eye

If you wish to have color to the ants... color it with marker before dropping the hard head as eye

Cheers... happy tying....

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