Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Foamular of Foam Wasp

Foam Wasp

This is a simple foam pattern imitate the Wasps. A terrestrial pattern for freshwater. The tying method are combine technique of foam hopper and Cicada X.


Abdomen - 2mm thick foam
Hook - TMC 2312 size 8 - 12
Wings - Vinyl raffia coat with soft cement
Legs - Rubber legs
Thorax and head - 2mm thick foam
Belly and neck - Ostrich palm fiber
Antenna - 1 pair of Pheasant Tail fiber
Black marker

The step by step tying instructions:

Cut a piece of foam and hook through the center

Tie in the foam lining to taper the body

Tie down the abdomen in segment

Tie in another foam for the thorax and cut the both side

Tie in another foam half of the width of the thorax, Tie in 2 Ostrich Palm fiber

Tie in the Vinyl Raffia wings

Tie down the side foam and fold over the smaller foam, tie down and trim the foam

Tie in the rubber legs

Fold over the foam, tie down to create the thorax

Fold the foam through the hook eye similar to Hopper pattern technique. Use needle to bring a pair of Pheasant Tail fiber as the antenna

Fold over the foam and create the head. Now the Wasp is ready for colouring

Colour the Wasp with fine head black marker.

This is what fish will see


  1. Damn!! That's a killer. can pass me one for reference?

  2. No problem Naveen... I have 2 version on different type of hook... will pass you both, have a look and you will find it's not difficult to tie.

  3. Много добра оса !

  4. Fantastic tie. Hov do you get tha markings that sharp and dark. when i make the markings they fade out alot and dont become that blach. is there a special marker or trick you are using.

  5. Hi Kennet, I'm using Starpie marker..a permanent marker. so far work fine for me.

  6. cant find it anywhere, can only find a marker called a sharpie.

  7. Sorry Kennet, you are right... The marker is Sharpie..

  8. thx... and keep up the good work, you got a fantastic site here.