Thursday, 19 October 2017

GnG Sardines

GnG Sardines

Evolved from the Tube Snowrunner Baitfish pattern, here I try a fully synthetic baitfish pattern tie almost all with Deer Creek Glist and Glint fibers... on a Gamakatsu SL12S saltwater big game fly hook for Sailfish and large predator fish.

Picture of my friend Agung Syakirul from Indonesia landed a nice sailfish with the 6/0 GnG Sardines pattern on his 1st day fishing in Rompin.

Material list:
Deer Creek Glist n Glint - white, light grren, aqua and black
Deer Creek Mega Lazer Dub
Deer Creel Baitfish fibers
Palm Chennile
Large Lateral line
UV shiner
3D epoxy eye
Diamond Fine Flex resin
Epoxy and markers

Picture step by step tying instruction:

 Prepare the thread base on the hook

 Tie and wind in sime palm chenille about 1/3 of the shank

Take some white GnG fiber, tie in below the palm chenille

 Tie in the white GnG on top of the Palm chenille

 Add in some UV shiner

 Tie in the light green GnG

 Tie in the Aqua GnG and also some white below

 Tie in the black GnG

 Now tie in the Lateral line

 Tie in some DC white or light grey Baitfish fibers 

 cover the top portion also with black DC Baitfish fibers. If you prefer a smaller head profile, you can actually end here and put in eye

 I prefer a wider head profile for pushing more water, so I tie in some DC Mega Lazer Dub 

 Fold the Lazer dubbing over and brush it evenly 

 Colour the head ( Lazer Dub )

 use Diamonf Fine Flex UV resin, coat a very thin coat on the head to keep the head profile

 Drop some epoxy and stick the 3D epoxy eye

 Cheers and Happy tying...


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