Wednesday, 1 November 2017

PomPom Critters

PomPom Critters

Well... those who walk into a craft store definitely notice these little furry ball in multi colours. It's a craft material which was widely use to tie egg pattern.
This is just another idea to convert these little fur ball into little critters, especially targeting Bonefish and other saltwater species

 Material List

Pom Pom Ball / Wool Ball fro craft store
rubber legs - small
Mono eye
UV dubbing
Deer Creek Velvet rope
Rabbit fur - arange
pink barb silileg
Markers, Hook and bead-chain

Picture step by step tying instruction:

 Hook the wool ball ball thru 

 Tie in the bead-chain

 Tie down the wool ball

 Tie in the silileg

 Add some UV dubbing

 Tie in some orange Rabbit fur - as hot spot

 Tie in the DC Velvet rope as close possible to the ball

 Turn the hook over and tie in the mono eye

 Dub in some dubbing

 Tie in the small rubber legs

 Trim the ball with scissors and colour it with markers 


Cheers and Happy Tying

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