Monday, 2 October 2017

Tube SnowRunner Baitfish

A simple to tie and yet effective SnowRunner pattern that have been successfully hooked some Taimen and Sailfish  

Materials List :

Semperfli Nano Silk 6/0
Deer Creek UV fine flex resin and Gator eye
Palm Chenille and Straggle String
Large lateral line
Mega tube and silicon sleeve
ICE UV dubbing /shiner

Step by step tying instruction:

 Tie in some Red Straggle String from Semperfli

 Wind in some pearl Palm Chenille
 Tie in the SnowRunner fibers

 Fold the fiber over, add some UV shiner

 Tie in the Second colour SnowRunner fibers with some topping of UV shiner

 Tie in the 3rd SnowRunner colour 

 Tie in the 4th colour and some white as belly

 Fold all the fibers back

 Shape the head with some thin UV flex resin from Deer Creek

 Use markers to highlight

Drop a drop of epoxy and stick on the Gator eye

Cheers and Happy tying

By playing with different colour of SnowRunner fibers.. you can create many streamer or baitfish pattern that suit your fishing..
This one caught a Taimen.. imitate a Lenok or grayling colour

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