Wednesday, 14 June 2017

SR Silverside

SnowRunner Silverside

Some times ago I did a point up silverside in synthetic material, but this round I'm doing it in natural, with the fibers from SnowRunner ( Nayat )

Silverside in synthetic material


Epoxy eye
Mylar tubing
Saltwater hook
Lateral flash
Semperfli dubbing

Picture step by step tying instruction:

 Cut medium size lead wire about 10cm and wind on a needle, the put into the mylar tube, trim and burn both edge, and insert a mono like shown in the picture.
This act as the counter weight for the hook to point up and also as the silver belly

 Tie the weighted belly to the hook
Coat the belly and the hook with a thin coat of UV resin to further secure it

 Tie in some white SnowRunner fibers to the back and some light grey to the front

 Fold the light grey fiber to the back and tie down

 Repeat with a darker grey fiber and tying with the fold back technique

 Tie in the lateral flash... then tie in some light grey dubbing with foldback technique

Comb the fibers... then apply some colour to highlight the pattern... drop a small drop of epoxy and stick the epoxy eye.

Cheers... Happy tying

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  1. Thank you for sharing this tutorial with us, I am going to make this by myself and hope that I will do as good as you did.