Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Close Cell Foam Cricket

A simple foam Cricket tie with close cell foam tube

Material List:

Close cell foam tube 6mm dia from  Semperfli
Rubber legs - small and XSmall
Poly Floating yarn
Foam sheet - 0.5mm as wing
Pheasant tail fiber as antenna
Wide gap hook for terrestrial -#10
Dubbing to match the foam colour

Step by step tying instruction:

 Burn the edge of the 6mm dia foam tube, cut to the size of the abdomen

 Insert the foam abdomen 

 Use a needle to bring the rubber leg thru the foam abdomen

 Tie in a pair of knotted rubber leg, dub it with some dubbing
 Tie in the legs, dub in to separate the legs

 Cut the foam tube to half, tie in at the bottom, make a hole and bring it over thru the hook eye

 Bring a pair of Pheasant tail fiber thru the foam as antenna

 Tie in a pre-cut foam wing, then follow with some poly floating yarn

 Fold both the foam wing with the Poly Yarn over and tie down

 Now bring the foam over and tie down to create the head profile of the cricket

 Tie down the foam and trim the extra and trim the legs

 drop a small drop of black UV resin as eyes 

Good luck and catch some fish with it... Cheers


  1. That is such a great looking pattern. I am tying up a few of these using this method but leaning more towards Stonefly patterns (adult) and Grass Hoppers for the Bow River this summer. Thanks Dron for sharing.