Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Smelt . v2


This is my second Smelt pattern... 

A friend send me a photo of Smelt in his river asking can I tie this little minnow as small as 4cm... 

So... the challenge is on..!! 
After many attempt... from 5cm... slowly size it down to 4cm.. 

for this version... I have put in marabou as tail, plus a little bit of Oposum fibers to keep the marabou in place... playing with UV ICE Pearl dubbing as the belly and Pearl lateral line with some UV enhancer fiber 

It's not a difficult fly pattern but the size make it tough as you will need to minimized the material for 5-6cm when you tie smaller size.

Material list:

Size 10 hook 
White marabou + Grey Marabou -for swimming tail
Oposum fibers - additional fibers to enhance the marabou
UV enhancer fiber - enhance the lateral line
Pearl Lateral line - as lateral line
PRISM ICE Pearl - as belly
Mega dub - for head profile
2mm dia epoxy eye
Loons soft head 
UV resin

Picture step by step tying instruction :

 Prepare the thread base, tie in some white marabou fibers 

 Tie in some UV ICE Pearl dubbing as the belly

Tie in the UV enhancer

 fold back the fibers

 Add on some grey marabou

 Tie in some Oposum fibers

 tie in the mega dub and UV ICE peral dub

 fold back bothe fibers, comb it to the back

 Tie in the Pearl lateral line

 Highlight the fibers with marker

 drop a small drop a epoxy, stick the eye on

coat the head profile with loons soft head

Coat with UV resin


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