Monday, 20 February 2017



Few years back, when I was fishing in Maldives... one of my buddy caught a big GT on a really shinny crab pattern...  and the best thing is.. that shinny crab pattern landed many bonefish and different species in Maldives.
since that day, I've been wondering ... why..??? No answer..
Maybe they like to go disco... 😂 

Found one of this tubing which was sent to me by Deer Creek in the drawer the other day, and immediately I know I found the right material for my own 'Bling Bling' Shinny crab pattern.. 

Wooooow.. lets go party... it's DISCO time..!!

Material List: 

Flexibody Tube - Deer Creek
Rubber legs
Crabby eye or any mono epoxy eye
ICE Dubbing and Rabbit fur -hot spot and some movement
Zonker strip leather - as the pincer
Gamakatsu SL12S size 2
 long and fine Dubbing from Semperfli as base

Picture step by step tying instructions

 Prepare the thread base, tie in the dumbbell

 Tie in some ICE dubbing

 Tie in the Flexibody tubing

 Tie in some Rabbit fur

 Tie in a pair of eye

 Tie in the pincer

 Turn over and tie in some orange colour dubbing ( as eggs )

 Now tie in the 1st pair of rubber legs
 Turn it over again and tie in the base colour in V tie technique

 Tie in the 2nd pair of rubber legs

 Repeat the above steps with the rubber legs and base dubbing

 View from below with all the rubber legs tie in

 Now spread the tubing and flattens it and tie it down near the hook eye
 Trim the tubing and the bubbing

 Drop some UV resin and dry it with UV light, this will help fix your legs position

Apply a thin coat of UV resin to the edge on the tubing to fix the shape

and it's ready to party...

Playing with different base colour, you can create different colour or crab pattern that suit to the party mood... 😂😂😂

Cheers and have fun tying...

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