Thursday, 25 September 2014

Furry Foam Crab V3

Furry Foam Crab V3 ( version 3 )

Material List :

Gray Fox hair
Furry Foam 
ICE Dubbing - Pink
crawdad dubbing
Micro Velvet rope
Rubber Leg
Hard Head eye
Beadchian or Dumbell 
Saltwater hook size 4-6

Step by step tying instruction:

 Refer to Furry Crab V2, prepare the hook, tie in the beadchain and furry foam

Tie in the flashabou and a pair of rubber leg

Dub in some Pink ICE dub

 Tie in some fox hair fiber

Put in some Snowbug dubbing

 Tie in a pair of Hardhead Eye

 Tie in the pincer

Tie in the 1st pair of leg

 Tie in the rest of the legs and use some dubbing to separate the legs

 Fold over the furry foam, tie down

 Trim the foam and tie down, apply a small drop of Diamond Fine UV Resin to secure it

Some Furry Crab Version3 ready

Cheers... Happy tying

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