Friday, 5 September 2014

Buggy Shrimp

Buggy Shrimp

Material List :

Saltwater Hook size 4 
Bead Chain
Pink Ice pearl dubbing
Light orange dubbing
Mono eye or any type of shrimp eye
Deer Creek Sili legs
Australia Opossum hair fibers
Deer Creek Diamond Hard UV resin

Step by step tying instruction:

Prepare the thread base and tie in the bead chain

Wind in some orange dubbing

Tie in some Opossum fibers

Tie in a pair of eye

Tie in the flashabou as anttena

Tie in some Pink Ice Dubbing

Tie in 1st pair of sili leg

Dub in some Pink Ice dubbing

Tie in the 2nd and 3rd pair of sili legs, use some orange dubbing to separate the legs and as the same time present as a spawning shrimp 

Brush out some dubbing fiber

Tie in some Opossum fibers

Trim the fibers and tie down

Dub in some Opossum fiber to the body

Whip finish

Drop some Diamond Hard UV resin to secure the fiber

Dry it with UV light

Brush out some of the fiber

Highlight with marker

Cheers and have fun tying

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