Wednesday, 7 December 2016



Lumino - luminous bead hidden in the head of minnow fly pattern
is a pattern I came up while designing for a heavily weighted fly or jig fly where local commonly call spin-fly
I wanted a pattern which have the same shape but light enough for fly fishing with different sink rate. and smaller in size too.
 Using a luminous bead,  It create a round head profile easily which push more water, hollow and less material, skinny tail and glow in the dark..

Spin-fly... with a round lead weight insert to an attached hard wire in-front of the hook.
heavily weighted so it can be easily cast out with ultra light spinning gear targeting mainly bass and bottom fishes. the weight bring the fly down very fast ( this is also a good concept if you are designing a heavy fly to fish deep or in fast current )
The round lead bead in the front provide a good base to create a very nice round head profile
Materials List:

Synthetic fiber for tail - super hair or similar
ICE dub - belly
Red dubbing - gills
Luminous bead 
Mega Dub or Lazer Dub - head
Super fine long dubbing - for head profile highlight
DC flex UV resin
3D epoxy eye
Semperfli Nano silk - 12/0

Picture step by step tying instruction:

 Insert the Luminous Bead, wind in some lead wire

 Tie in some super hair

 Dub in some ICE dub as the belly

 Wind in some red dubbing as gills

  tie in the Mega Dub

 Fold the rest of the Mega dub, tie in and comb the material to the back

 Tie in the fine wool dub

 Fold all back and comb it

Coat a thin layer of Flex UV resin to shape the head

 Drop a small drop of epoxy

 Apply the eye

 View from below
View from top

 This pattern is best tie from size 2" - 4"... by adding a lateral flash, you can tie a silverside, by tuning the wool colour you can easily turn it into a mullet or any little baitfish or minnow pattern.

Cheers and Happy tying...

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  1. Pattern looks good. Can't wait to try tying a few up.