Monday, 2 May 2016

'Dengkis' Baitfish

Dengkis Baitfish

Material List:

Pearl UV dubbing
Semperfli Predator Fiber
3D eye
Gamakatsu SC15 size 1 - 2
UV resin

Step by step picture tying instruction:

Prepare the thread and tie in some mixture of Predator fiber and Pearl UV dubbing

Tie some Pearl UV dubbing and fold back

Tie in some Predator Fibers , 2 on top and1 at the bottom

Add in some UV dubbing

Fold all the fibers and tie down

Top up some yellowish, brownish fibers, put in the lateral flash if you want (optional )

Some UV dubbing at the bottom

Fold all fibers to the back and tie down

Trim the fibers

Put on the 3Deye

Coat the head with UV resin


Cheers and Happy tying