Friday, 11 May 2012

Articulate Burrowing Mayfly Nymph

Articulate Burrowing Mayfly Nymph
This is a new attempt of tying a articulate foam burrowing nymph, which the tail  will point up and swing ( head down ) when you give small little strip.


Hard wire
Heavy Short shank hook ( add lead if you wish )
2mm thk foam
Pheasant Tail fiber
Tape Wing
Loon Hard Head
Mono line

Step by step tying instruction:

Cut a short hard wire, fold it half and tie in the pheasant Tail fiber

Tie in 2 pcs of foam as the abdomen

Tie down the foam to create abdomen

Put in a short pcs of soft feather, tie the foam around, trim the extra foam

Use marker to color the abdomen

Prepare a heavy short shank hook, tie in the mono line

Put in the abdomen section and tie down the mono line

Tie in the 3 pairs of legs and the tape wing

Tie in the thorax foam profile

Tie in another thorax foam profile

Fold the foam over and create the head

Put in a pair of pheasant tail fiber as antenna, tie the eye profile

Color the thorax with marker

The Burrowing Nymph is ready

View from below


  1. nice tying, but float nymph?

  2. No worry Sam... it's tie on a very heavy hook, it will sink slowly... you can also fish it with a sinking line... another way of fishing with my foam nymph... it works..

  3. very helpful, really fantastic tying, many thanks for sharing

  4. I need help creating the foam thorax profile any help or advice? last question what size hook?

  5. Robert,

    Give me your e-mail address... I will send over a simple sbs of how to make the foam thorax for you...

    As for thr hook... I'm using heavy short shank hook ( TMC105 Egg Fly ) size 4 and 6

  6. Hey Dron I sent an Email to the account listed on your profile with my actual email account as the one I use for this is a proxy.

  7. Hi Robert, Have you send me your e-mail address..? I still haven receive it...

    Pls send to

  8. Hey Dron I just sent you another email if it dosent come through I'll post it on here

  9. dronlee, could you send the sbs for the body to me via email ? Ive had mixed results trying to tie this fly mainly my hiccups are in forming the email is - thanks and tie on!