Saturday, 10 May 2014

Buggy Dragonfly Nymph

Buggy Dragonfly Nymph

Materials List

Daiichi Curve hook 1760 size 6 or 4
Deer Creek Micro Velvet Rope
Chenille dark olive
Lead wire
Mono eye
Dubbing material
Pheasant Tail fiber knot legs
3M Surgical tape
Deer Creek Diamond Hard UV Resin

Step by step tying instructions:

For this pattern I use Daiichi Curve Nymph hook 1760 

Wind in some lead wire

Wind in extra lead wire on top of the existing base lead wire

Tie in the Chinelle

Wrap the lead wire with Surgical tape, to create the shape

Flatten the abdomen with a pair of flat nose plier

Dub in the dubbing material

Dubbing cover about 3/4 of the hook shank

Tie in the mono eye

Wind in the Chenille to create the segment of the abdomen

Brush out some dubbing

Tie in the pre knot legs

Split the fiber as legs and antenna...Tie down the fiber

Dub in some dubbing to split the legs

BUrn the end of the Micro Velvet Rope, tie in as the wing case

Bring the Velvet rope to side, tie down next to the eye

Bring the Velvet rope under the mono eye

Bring the Velvet Rope over between the hook eye, over the mono eye... tie down

Whip finish... color the Velvet rope with marker

Drop a small drop of Deer Creek Diamond Hard UV resin... dry it with UV light

The Buggy Dragonfly Nymph is ready

Cheers... Happy tying
and catch some fish for me.... :-)


  1. very nice fly, once again, hope i will discover one of your creation soon ; )
    by the way what is the thread you use for this flies?
    thanks fro your help.

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