Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Buggy Crab

Buggy Crab

By playing with mixture of different color fibers.. you can easily tie up different type of crab pattern.. don't need to color with marker and these synthetic fibers absorb very minimal water so make it light to cast... and moves ( alive ) in the water...

Material List:
Saltwater wide gap hook
Mixed of Baitfish and predator fibers
Mono eye
Pink ICE flash 
Rubber legs
Epoxy and UV resin

Step by step picture tying instruction:

 Prepare the thread base and tie in some pink ICE flash or dubbing

 Tie in a pair of rubber leg

 tie in the mono eye

 Tie in the dumbbell at the middle of the hook

 Tie in the pincer

 Turn over and tie in the mixture of Baitfish and predator fiber in V shape

 Then turn over and tie in the 1st pair for rubber legs

 Tie in some white color fibers ( crabs always have a white base )

 Turn over and tie in the 2nd layer of fibers

 Turn over and repeat the same steps, tie in rubber legs and fibers

Tie in the 3rd layer of fibers

 Repeat the same steps and tie in the 3rd and 4th pair of rubber legs

 Turn over and get ready for the 4th layer of fibers

 Tie in the 4th layer of fibers

 Trim the excess fibers

 Trim the crab... top and bottom to the shape

 view from top when it's done

View from bottom when it's done

Cheers and happy tying... :)

Monday, 19 September 2016

Popping Minnow

Popping Minnow

Material list:

Foam popper head
Baitfish Fiber or Predator Fibers
Long shank wide gap hook
 Epoxy eye
UV resin

 Step by step picture tying instruction:

Prepare the thread base, glue the foam popper head with epoxy

Tie in the flashabou, it should be 2 times the length of the hook shank

 Tie in the fibers

 Fibers are tie in X form on top and bottom

  Fibers are tie in X form on top and bottom

 Then fold back the fibers both top and bottom and tie down, trim the fibers

 Repeat the above steps

 Repeat the above steps

 Repeat the the same steps and add in any colours of fibers as you wish

 Make sure the fibers are tie in very tight and compact

 Trim the fibers

 Colour the foam head

Glue the eye with epoxy and coat it with UV resin

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

MagicHead Popper

MagicHead Popper

Trying to create a popper which wiggle, light and easy to cast... so I incorporate the Magic Head with a normal foam popper.. 

The idea was to have a bigger head to push water left n right, so the popper would sort off 'shake the head or even walk the dog...

Material list:

Streamer Heckle
3D epoxy eye
Magic Head cone
Foam Popper
Articulate shank
wide gap hook
Epoxy - lite
 lateral line ( optional )

 List of materials

Prepare the heckle... you can stain the heckle with marker

Glue the heckle to both side of the foam popper body

Prepare the hook and apply some epoxy into the gap

Insert the shank to the gap and seal with a small pcs of foam

Fold the cone back and apply the eye

You could play with different color of heckle to create different baitfish of popper as you wish..

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Articulated Baitfish - 'HiddenBell'

'HiddenBell' tied in Natural Fur mix with some UV dubbing

'HiddenBell' tied with Synthetic Fur and narural Fur
Was tying the Zonker streamer and moving into a bigger streamer pattern for my trip to Mongolia next month... i need a streamer pattern that will swim well, lots of movement, light and very importantly sink fast and still have a very prominent eye profile. 
2 option that I have, either put in a lot of lead wire or add in a weight on the hook, so this is what happen when I have a dumbbell eye plus a big resin eye stick on.
Material list :

Dumbbell eye 
Resin eye
Epoxy and UV resin
Mono 40lbs
B10S size 1 and 2/0
Semperfli Synthetic Fur + Streamer hair
Semperfli UV dubbing
Nono Silk 

Step by step tying instruction

 Prepare the thread base

 Tie on some streamer hair

 Then tie in some Synthetic Fur
 Fold the Fur back, tie down and add in some UV dubbing

 Add in some olive fur ( or any color to create the a darker shade of body )

 Cover it with Synthetic fur 

The tail portion is now complete.

Next will be the body section

 Cut a tube about 1.5cm, burn both end and prepare the thread base

 Repeat and tying in the fur just like the tail

  Repeat and tying in the fur just like the tail

   Repeat and tying in the fur just like the tail 

after finish tying 2-3 tube body, insert the body thru a mono

1st section tube in

second section tube in

 Now prepare the hook for the head portion

 Attach the body section to the hook
 Tie down the mono and seal it with some epoxy

 Tie in some fur, always use the fold back technique

Repeat with different colour of fur
 Stack in the Synthetic fur

 Add in some pink if you wish

 Tie in the final volume of fur

 Fold back the fur and coat it lightly with some UV resin

Now, stick on the eye...always use 5min epoxy to stick your resin eye

Highlight with some marker

Cheers... happy tying