Monday, 2 May 2016

'Dengkis' Baitfish

Dengkis Baitfish

Material List:

Pearl UV dubbing
Semperfli Predator Fiber
3D eye
Gamakatsu SC15 size 1 - 2
UV resin

Step by step picture tying instruction:

Sunday, 17 January 2016

suede Chenille Caddis Larva

Suede Chenille Caddis Larva

Tie with Nano Silk 18/0 and 6/0

Material List :

Nano Silk - Semperfli
Curve caddis hook
Suede Chenille - Semperfli
Latex sheet
Tungsten Bead / Gold bead / copper bead
Straggle String - Semperfli
Diamond Hard UV - Deer Creek

Step by step tying instruction

Cut a small pcs of Suede Chenille, fold to half, heat it with lighter to taper the end

Tie down the end

Create the segment, remember the whip finish at every single segment

Some finished abdomen with segment tie with Suede Chenille

Put in the bead and prepare the thread base

Tie in the abdomen section

Tie in the Straggle String and latex sheet

Apply some dubbing

Wind in the Straggle String

Fold over the latex sheet as thorax

Drop a small drop of Diamond UV resin and dry it


Cheers and have fun tying...

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Leechy Minnow

Leechy Minnow

Material List :

Gamakatsu - S11 4L size 4 and 2
Rabbit Zonker - Blood Red
PRISM pearl dub
read dumbbell eye
Nano Silk 6/0 - Red
Lateral flash - small

Step by step tying instruction:

Prepare the thread base

 Tie in the Dumbbell eye 2/3 from the hook eye

 Cut a piece of Rabbit zonker

 Hook through the zonker and tie down

 Tie in some Pearl dub

 Cut some zonker fiber and tie down on the top

 Repeat the same step tying the pearl bud and zonker fiber

 Tie in the lateral flash

Whip finish and drop and coat with Diamond fine

Cheers and Happy Tying

Friday, 25 December 2015


The 1st version

The 2nd Version with more fluffy material

Materials List:

Racoon Zonker
Deer Creek Gator eye
Diamond hard UV resin
Saltwater hook - for saltwater or B10S for freshwater
Orange or Red Badger hackle

Step by step pictures tying instruction:

Prepare the thread base

Tie in a pair of hackle

Tie in some Racoon Zonker fibers in Orange on top and Tan below

Tie in some black Racoon Zonker fibers at the middle

Repeat the above steps

Put on a pair of eye and secure it with a tacky free Diamond Hard UV resin

Cheers and Happy tying... :)