Thursday, 25 September 2014

Furry Foam Crab V3

Furry Foam Crab V3 ( version 3 )

Material List :

Gray Fox hair
Furry Foam 
ICE Dubbing - Pink
crawdad dubbing
Micro Velvet rope
Rubber Leg
Hard Head eye
Beadchian or Dumbell 
Saltwater hook size 4-6

Step by step tying instruction:

 Refer to Furry Crab V2, prepare the hook, tie in the beadchain and furry foam

Tie in the flashabou and a pair of rubber leg

Dub in some Pink ICE dub

 Tie in some fox hair fiber

Put in some Snowbug dubbing

 Tie in a pair of Hardhead Eye

 Tie in the pincer

Tie in the 1st pair of leg

 Tie in the rest of the legs and use some dubbing to separate the legs

 Fold over the furry foam, tie down

 Trim the foam and tie down, apply a small drop of Diamond Fine UV Resin to secure it

Some Furry Crab Version3 ready

Cheers... Happy tying

Friday, 5 September 2014

Buggy Shrimp

Buggy Shrimp

Material List :

Saltwater Hook size 4 
Bead Chain
Pink Ice pearl dubbing
Light orange dubbing
Mono eye or any type of shrimp eye
Deer Creek Sili legs
Australia Opossum hair fibers
Deer Creek Diamond Hard UV resin

Step by step tying instruction:

Prepare the thread base and tie in the bead chain

Wind in some orange dubbing

Tie in some Opossum fibers

Tie in a pair of eye

Tie in the flashabou as anttena

Tie in some Pink Ice Dubbing

Tie in 1st pair of sili leg

Dub in some Pink Ice dubbing

Tie in the 2nd and 3rd pair of sili legs, use some orange dubbing to separate the legs and as the same time present as a spawning shrimp 

Brush out some dubbing fiber

Tie in some Opossum fibers

Trim the fibers and tie down

Dub in some Opossum fiber to the body

Whip finish

Drop some Diamond Hard UV resin to secure the fiber

Dry it with UV light

Brush out some of the fiber

Highlight with marker

Cheers and have fun tying

Thursday, 24 July 2014

GnG Hollow Rattling Baitfish

Gliss n Glint Hollow Rattling Baitfish

This pattern tie with minimum amount of material, the idea is to create a large fly pattern that is light enough which will not trap too much of water, for easy casting and as hollow as possible to allow the materials to moves better in water, and to be as translucent as possible when in water

Rattle is also introduced to the pattern for extra attraction, Dubbing at the hollow near the head can be in desire color, as a hot spot or as the bleeding gill of the fish

Material List:

Gamakatsu Saltwater hook SL12 size 4/0 and 6/0
Deer Creek Gliss n Glint wing material
Deer Creek eye - Chrome 10mm
Diamond hard UV
Mega Body tubing
Fly Rattle
Ice Dubbing

Step by step tying instructions

Cut a pcs Mega Body Tubing about 1.5", burn one end with lighter, insert the glass rattle. Tie in at about middle of the hook shank. drop some superglue to secure further

Tie in some flash material... as the spine or the lateral line

Tie in the GnG wings material, notice it's finish tying very close to the hook eye
(due to it's reverse tying technique, the material that is tie in the 'bottom or inner' , after it's fold and reversed, it will be the 'top or outer' wings... so always plan your layering when you wanna create different color tone to the fly )

Tie in the lighter tone GnG wings material at the side of the shank

Tie in the white color GnG Wings material at the bottom of the shank, drop some super glue

Wind in some ICE Dubbing... you can put in red to indicate as the bleeding gills or any color that you desire as a hot spot for the fly

Tie in another batch of white GnG wing on top of the shank 
( more material should be on the top and for a bulkier head profile )

Fold all the materials to the back, make sure the materials are spread around the hook...start winding the thread on the hook shank, but never tie the material... build up the thread to 'push' the material to the back

Notice the materials are 'push' to the back by the thread ... whip finish

Stick on the eye

Apply some Diamond Hard UV inside and on top of the eye, also cover the thread, I find Diamond Hard UV are really good in this application

Dry it with UV light 

Complete and ready to ROCK....!

Cheers and Happy tying