Monday, 5 December 2016

Caddis S Pupa

Caddis S Pupa 

illustration of Caddis pupa ( source from web )

Caddis S Pupa
Tie with 90% materials from Semperfli, that's where the name has a S for Semperfli

Material List: 

Abdomen - Semperfli Scudback Braid + Crustal stretch
Thorax - Scudback Braid +  DC UV resin
Body - Straggle string, UV Ice dubbing and hare dubbing
Legs - Crystal line + Scudback braid
Wingcase - Raffia or latex scudback
Eye - mono
Antennal - pheasant

Step by step tying instruction

Wind in some lead wire

Prepare the thread base

 Taper the body with 3M micro pore surgical tape

 Tie in the Crystal Stretch

 Tie in the Scudback braid

 Wind in the Crystal stretch and braid 

 add in a little bit of UV ICE dub

 Tie in a pair of Crystal Line

 Prepare the hare dubbing

 Wind in the hare dubbing, trim the top

 Tie in a pair of Latex Scudback

 Tie in a pair of Pheasant fiber

 Wind in some Straggle string

 Fold the Braid over and tie down

 Tie in the mono eye

 Fold the braid over and tie down

 Split the braid fibers

 Fold the fibers down under the body as legs

Drop some UV resin on the thorax


Cheers and Happy tying

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