Friday, 8 June 2012

Cuban Shrimp

Cuban Shrimp
This is a very simple and yet effective shrimp pattern that I developed in 2009. specially for Maldives and Cuba... My Mentor and friend Mr Hans Van Klinken and his wife have successfully hook up many Cuban bonefish with this pattern, in the wonderful fishing experience with Avalon.

For your reference, some flies that Hans was using in Cuba :

The flies that I send over

The flies after the fishing... totally destroyed by the bones

The Bonefish with the flies

The materials:

Bead eye or mono eye
Bead chain
Pink, light sulp orange dubbing
Coyote hair
Chenille - Tan colour
Rubber legs
Gamakatsu or Daiichi New O'Shaughnessy hook size 8-6

The step by step tying instructions:

Put in the hook and prepare the thread

Tie in the bead chain

Tie in the flashabou

Tie in the dubbing, mix of Pink and orange dub

Tie in the eye ( I use Pink bead with mono line )

Tie in the chenille

Tie in the rubber legs

Spin the chenille to split the legs, tie down the chenille

Tie in the Coyote hair

Spin the chenille until the bead chain, tie down, trim the Coyote hair

Whip finish, drop a small drop of Zap a gap to secure the tie.

The Cuban Shrimp is ready

Good luck and have fun fishing with the shrimp.



  1. Terrific looking fly! I'm always on the lookout for a new shrimp fly. I hope to give it a try very soon.


  2. A truly great fly, had great sport in Cuba 2014 and 2015 when other guys blanked this fly kept us in the game, will use again in 2016. Big thanks.

    1. Hihi... glad to hear that Simon... I caught many bones with this in Seychelles too..

  3. Hi Dronlee,

    what size of chenille do you use? Is it small, medium or large?

    A Belgian Fly fisherman

    1. I'm using micro chenille for size 8 and normal chenille for 6-4